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Cerberus is a symbiosis of talented entrepreneurs from the IT sphere,marketing, management, and consulting. Our joint work has provided a unique, in its essence, result: the technology of effective business management - FIXY AI.

FIXY AI can be compared to an orchestra, in which each instrument performs its unique part. The Cerberus team is a conductor who helps your business to sound in a new modern way.

Before starting to work on FIXY AI, each Cerberus specialist has gained valuable experience in large retail companies. Based on practical knowledge of business needs, the results of successful projects were combined into one multifunctional marketing tool. FIXY AI is a software product developed based on AI, capable of self-learning and improvement, and created to solve the following issues:

  • consolidation of business processes into a single system;
  • optimization of personnel work (the form of communication between employees and visitors, speed and quality of service, labor and performance discipline);
  • ensuring an increase in customer satisfaction, the number of repeat purchases and the average check;
  • reducing the response time of emergency services, when every minute is vital to save people.
The multifunctional tool FIXY AI allows entrepreneurs to implement new interesting projects. We believe that artificial intelligence is a new stage about mankind's development. FIXY AI is a next-generation product designed to help business leaders to make data-driven decisions.

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  • Info@fixy.ai
  • + (374) 95 454 919
  • 16 Viktor Hambardzumyan Street,
    Yerevan, Armenia, 0012

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