What isFixy Security?

is a revolutionary security system
based on artificial intelligence and machine education.

FIXY security Aims

To detect and preventcrime and violence
in public places using a CCTV camera.

How does it work?

Identification of the vehicle and its license plate

Face / mask detection
Weapon detection

Analysis of the situation


What opportunities does Fixy Security provide?

Instantly detect and recognize any forms of violence and transmit information to the appropriate authorities.

Identify criminals, and it can also be used to find wanted criminals.

Recognize the brand and license plate of the car, monitor its movement using cameras or drones.

To prevent terrorist attacks, it can detect the movement of large packages and bags in buildings, as well as to detect abandoned packages and bags.

Contact Info

  • Info@fixy.ai
  • + (374) 95 454 919
  • 16 Viktor Hambardzumyan Street,
    Yerevan, Armenia, 0012

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