Face Detection as the Main Retail Business Tool

The face detection technology will contribute to the development of retail business regarding the optimization and control of employees' working hours, without reference to the level of their position. By integrating biometric face detection into the accounting system, the employer receives an instrument for accurate, reliable, and complete fixation of staff time. This information helps senior staff in calculating salaries, bonuses, or fines.
Want to know your regular customers personally? - The technology allows you to recognize the faces of visitors and distinguish regular ones from them! The program provides linking the history of purchases (orders) to the identified customer. As a result, you will receive:

  • increasing the effectiveness of cross-selling;
  • reduction of service time for each customer;
  • magnification in the customer satisfaction index.
Ultimately, all this promotes sales growth and optimization of business processes!

Customer Flow Monitoring & Queue Control: What are the Benefits?

Based on statistical data, the bulk of sales in the retail business occurs within rush hours. You will incur losses, mostly because customers have not received quality service and up-to-date help from consultants! Low-level organization of your staff work will entail a large cut of customers during these periods. Thanks to the program, the growth of queues will be revealed in time! And the management staff will immediately receive a notification of the need to attract additional employees.

The average customer service time indicates the level of staff’s productive work. The program allows you to estimate each employee individually. Only this way you'll be able to choose the best workers and to get rid of the worst ones. The technology is advanced and eliminates malfunctions, saving you from tormenting about the decisions made.

Store Traffic & Conversion Tracking

Using face detection technology, you can receive data on the number of customers and compare them with data on the number of sales. This way, you will be able to evaluate the actual conversion rate. So, you will receive the prerequisites for a successful retail business:

  • accumulation of statistics about visitors and sales;
  • the opportunity of promptly responding to queuing;
  • the ability to reduce the average customer service time.
As a result, you will be able to devote your resources to developing new strategies for optimizing business processes!

End-product Goods' Tracking

Often companies face unexpected losses during manufacturing and selling end-product goods. These losses occur mainly due to the lack of control and accounting tools. Our technology allows you to recognize and classify objects and record the exact amount of end-product goods. This function provides comparing data with internal sales records and identifies possible sources of loss.

Determine the most effective method of selling goods in your store!

As the experience of successful outlets shows, that merchandising helps to increase consumer demand significantly and raise sales in any segment. Currently, merchandising is gaining importance, as a sober struggle has occurred on the shelves for consumer attention between brands! Our program makes it possible to:

  • define a map of hot zones;
  • build the right distribution strategy for goods;
  • plan sales funnels.
Besides, this information increases the efficiency of warehousing management.

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